A little about me… I’m Angela, Florida native, pianist, bowler, Massage Therapist, Facial Specialist, and health enthusiast. I have worked in Disney’s Senses Spa for almost 10 years, until the pandemic hit, when we unfortunately had to close the spa department for safety. Since then, I’ve started my own mobile massage business, safely bringing massage and wellness to individual homes in Central Florida, and I am currently in my last term working for my Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness at Purdue University Global. I have a curiosity and a thirst for knowledge; Everything health and wellness, massage/bodywork, meditation, fitness, and nutrition just pulls me in.

Where am I headed with all of this? I can see my health and wellness passions aligning and becoming somewhat of a hybrid of a massage therapist and holistic health and wellness coach. I truly love helping people find ways to decrease their pain and improve their movement and quality of life through bodywork, nutrition, physical activity, and stress management. I especially love working with bowlers and families. Thanks for taking the time to check out my page!


Click to download and view my resume:

Angela Moss LMT, B.S. Health and Wellness