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What is Causing This Pain in My Back?

McIntosh’s article describes the many causes, risks, various symptoms, treatment approaches, and ways to prevent back pain. Various stacked factors can cause back pain, such as one’s diet, stress levels, sleep quality, posture, inactivity, overactivity, obesity, genetics, and using incorrect form in exercise. These are all things I try to bring light to when I am in session with my clients. Massage therapy including but not limited to deep tissue massage, Shiatsu, trigger point therapy, Thai massage, and sports massage, are excellent for pain management. The article goes on to explain that much of the time, back pain can be resolved with a few lifestyle tweaks and complementary therapies such as massage, yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic and seeing an osteopathic physician. Check out this article for more information on what might be causing your back pain!

Article: “What is Causing This Pain in My Back?” by Cleveland Clinic

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