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Sometimes Our Issues Are Deeper Than Our Tissues!

Creating Wellness with a Spiritual and Psychological Inventory

In the final project for HW420 Creating Wellness – Psychological and Spiritual Aspects of Healing, I created a list of questions to build a spiritual and psychological inventory that can be used to determine one’s current state of wellness. According to The 4 Spiritual Laws of Self Renewal (2017) building a personal inventory, helps to assess our current spiritual and psychological state, and explore our deepest thoughts.

“The very first step in taking a personal inventory is to survey your valley — are you standing with mostly dry bones? That failed relationship, depression, divorce, the death of a loved one, the business that failed or the career that never took off. These can physically, emotionally and spiritually consume our very existence and block any hope of self-renewal or personal growth”. -Keisha Blair, 2017

To view my full project, please click the link below.

HW420 Final Project – Angela Moss

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