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“How Bowling Affects the Body and How to Care for it.”

5 of the best massage guns: How to choose, health benefits, and more

Since I have a love of bodywork, self-care, and bowling, I chose to speak to the bowling community a little about where these topics intersect. I designed a three-week course with a class syllabus, lecture notes and handouts. To be clear, I am neither a bowling coach, nor a pro bowler. I am pulling together my bodywork, health and wellness, and bowling knowledge and resources thus far to hopefully help the bowling community with injury prevention and wellness while doing what they love. Thank you.

HW499 Unit 5 Bachelor’s Capstone Project

Back Pain Blog Chronic Pain Health & Wellness Resources Massage Therapy Pain Management Self Care Stress Management

“Massage Therapy and Self Care, A Well-Kneaded Practice”

I hope to educate my clients and the community on the importance of massage and daily self-care. I believe there are a lot of people suffering from pain and discomfort living in bodies that feel like a prison, and if I could help some of these people live a better-quality life, well that is why I do what I do! <3

View: “Massage Therapy and Self Care, A Well-Kneaded Practice”

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Why Does My Body Feel Worse After a Massage?

This is a great article explaining how massage therapy does create that inflammation response, and can leave you a little sore sometimes, especially after a deep tissue massage. Sometimes you need more than one session, and rushing results can leave you in pain. Massage therapy does not have to hurt to benefit you, so please speak up if something is uncomfortable. We can get the results without the pain during and after your massage by adjusting technique, working slower, and allowing the treatment of a specific issue to take multiple sessions when needed. It’s best to get regular massages, so that your body stays nice and relaxed, and we can work out the tension as it builds. Check out this article for more info on why we might feel sore after a massage the next day.

Article: “Why Does My Body Feel Worse After a Massage?” by Cleveland Clinic

Articles Massage Therapy

Addressing Myths About Massage Therapy

This article addresses just five of the many myths about massage therapy. These include the “no pain no gain” misconception, how massage isn’t just for muscles, and that it actually can help migraines! The article explains how different types of massages are effective in their own unique ways. If you aren’t up to date with all of this, you could easily make the mistake of going to a spa and booking a stress relief massage, when you really needed to book a therapeutic style massage to relive a trigger point in your scalenes (neck). Take time to learn the different styles of massage, different massage therapy environments, and shop around for your perfect therapist. Absolutely communicate with your massage therapist, and ensure you’re getting the massage you need. Check out the article about the myths of massage therapy below!

Article: “5 Myths About Massage Therapy” by Cleveland Clinic