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Sometimes Our Issues Are Deeper Than Our Tissues!

Creating Wellness with a Spiritual and Psychological Inventory

In the final project for HW420 Creating Wellness – Psychological and Spiritual Aspects of Healing, I created a list of questions to build a spiritual and psychological inventory that can be used to determine one’s current state of wellness. According to The 4 Spiritual Laws of Self Renewal (2017) building a personal inventory, helps to assess our current spiritual and psychological state, and explore our deepest thoughts.

“The very first step in taking a personal inventory is to survey your valley — are you standing with mostly dry bones? That failed relationship, depression, divorce, the death of a loved one, the business that failed or the career that never took off. These can physically, emotionally and spiritually consume our very existence and block any hope of self-renewal or personal growth”. -Keisha Blair, 2017

To view my full project, please click the link below.

HW420 Final Project – Angela Moss

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“How Bowling Affects the Body and How to Care for it.”

5 of the best massage guns: How to choose, health benefits, and more

Since I have a love of bodywork, self-care, and bowling, I chose to speak to the bowling community a little about where these topics intersect. I designed a three-week course with a class syllabus, lecture notes and handouts. To be clear, I am neither a bowling coach, nor a pro bowler. I am pulling together my bodywork, health and wellness, and bowling knowledge and resources thus far to hopefully help the bowling community with injury prevention and wellness while doing what they love. Thank you.

HW499 Unit 5 Bachelor’s Capstone Project

Back Pain Blog Chronic Pain Health & Wellness Resources Massage Therapy Pain Management Self Care Stress Management

“Massage Therapy and Self Care, A Well-Kneaded Practice”

I hope to educate my clients and the community on the importance of massage and daily self-care. I believe there are a lot of people suffering from pain and discomfort living in bodies that feel like a prison, and if I could help some of these people live a better-quality life, well that is why I do what I do! <3

View: “Massage Therapy and Self Care, A Well-Kneaded Practice”

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Massage Rollers and More: How to Ease Neck, Back and Body Pain with Simple Tools

If you are a client of mine, or have had a massage before, you have probably been reminded many times of the importance of self-care between massages. This can be done with proper hydration, diet, exercise, stretching, sleep, stress management, and the help of a few optional tools. Of course, carving out the time each day and making it a priority is of the utmost importance as well. Check out this article for more information on foam rollers and massage tools!

Article: “Massage Rollers and More: How to Ease Neck, Back and Body Pain with Simple Tools” by Cleveland Clinic

Some of my favorite affordable tools include the standard foam roller, therapy ball, and a Theracane. If you’re willing to invest a little more cash, check out the Hypervolt (and get training on how to use it!), Chirp wheel, Melt Method hand & foot kit, as well as Christine Koth’s Hip Hook & Hip Flexor Release Ball, and the Pso-Rite psoas release tool.